Friday, August 17, 2007

It's been over 2 months since posting to my jewelry blog...

Thanks to all the customers that have kept me quite busy this summer while selling jewelry at the outdoor farmers markets, and at second saturday artist market this past weekend.

Finally...getting back on track with posting to my jewelry blog, and online jewelry shops. I am currently trying to get an earring only shop in order... online for all earring shoppers. All earring shoppers may go to my shop online and purchase any pair of earrings for $25 and under.

Although maintaining an online store is quite a task that I have taken on...
I plan to add a large assortment of accumulated earrings from my jewelry collection(around 100 pairs of earrings), and put the earrings up for sell in my shop over the next month. The earring assortment consist of: brass wire-worked earrings, glass beaded styles, freshwater pearl earrings, semiprecious, shells, and hand-painted leather earrings.


aquana21 said...

nice earrings.

Mary said...
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